Products writing- and drawing pens
A fancier of calligraphy once philosophied: „Writing is like skating. I need a smooth ice surface and sharp edge on my skids. Then the dance can start.“
A wonderful comparison! This famous „trio“ of ink, paper and writing pen has a long tradition. The three have to harmonize to create a beautyful work of art.
In past centuries steel pens took the place of classic quill- and reed feathers. Till about twenty working processes are needed to produce these small works of art.
Abraxas layed in a big stock of old and antique writing pens when it started. Today they are nearly disappeared from the market and hard to find. Nevertheless nothing comparable can replace these writing tools.
We offer a huge assortement of these antique pens. Packed in sets or single they satisfy a writers heart: fine point pens, square pens, steel brush pens and many other kind of pens for all ranges of application. The offer includes even beautyful and decorative writing pens with age over a hundred years.