Products sealing wax
Sealing wax was probably introduced into Europe by Spanish conquerors returning from India. It was used as early as the middle ages to seal letters, documents and important certificates sometimes even boxes and other containers.

Mostly the seal was a monogram or sometimes a mysterious symbol and only a certain person was permitted to break the seal.

Abraxas sealing waxes are of finest quality and made of best raw materials and totally environmentally friendly.

All raw materials are processed in our own manufactury in the traditional manner.

The ingredients are resins such as shellac, larch terpentine and colophony, finest chalks, mineral colours and noble perfume essences.

After these ingredients are melted down in a pot. Each individual sick is cast into a metal form. When the sticks have cooled they are sanded, polished and finally marked with one or more company seals.

Because of the use of natural ingredients, the colours of the wax sticks can change between two productions. Please be informed that the colour table in the internet can’t be taken as a reference because every screen and browser has different adjustments.

The colour table should give you an idea of the colour shade and teh variety of the colours.