Products writing tools

Abraxas offers a big and very rich palette of classic writing tools. You can split the assortement in four main-groups: wooden writing tools, quills of birds feathers, glass pens and noble writing tools made of gold and silver.

The assortement of wooden penholders begins with a simple tool for beginners and ends with turned masterpieces of noble wood with linseed or beeswax finish, armed with writing pens of gold and silver.

We offer a huge and matchless choice of individually choosed feathers of gooses, swans, turkeys and other birds. We manufacture best writing quills for all wishes and applications. The palette begins with classical cut quills hardened in hot sand, and ends with decorative units with goldplated fixture and pen made to be the beauty of your writing desk.

Abraxas presents a wonderful assortement of glass pens made of best boron silicate glass by our glass blowers. Each of them is individually made in traditional manner.

The most important piece of a glass pen is the writing point. It takes many working processes to finish a perfect writing point. Because of the perfect working up each glass pen in a small piece of jevel.

The rich palette of writing tools is rounded off with a wonderful selection of noblest penholders of gold and silver. Our goldsmiths small rarities base on antique models and are individually made and armed with rare genuine antique pens. A precious gift for every fancier of calligraphy and pleasure for every fancier and collector.